It’s very important to be well prepared when going for the mountain gorilla trekking expedition; just like you prepare for a trip/ vacation, it’s this same preparation that’s required for a successful mountain gorilla trekking experience. Lets Go Tours Rwanda gives you guide on what to wear for your gorilla safari in Africa
Tourists should bring along proper clothing , trekking and photographing gear to ease their trekking exercise;
Clothing Gear

Long Sleeved shirts and Jackets: Trekking happens from tropical rainy forests and it tends to be chilly in the mornings or even rains sometimes. If you dress up in long sleeved shirts, you are kept warm throughout your hike and also protected from the stingy insects and branches.

hiking boots

Short Sleeved Shirts: These are important in case the hike gets tough and hot; tourists always dress up in layers and in case the going gets tough, they easily rip off the long sleeved shirts remaining with the short sleeved shirts. (No need to first undress for a change0.

Long Light Trousers: The light long trousers apart from easing your movement through the terrain bushes will also provide you protection from tropical insects and scratchy bushes.

Knee Hugging Woolen Shocks: These are very important during the hike as you tuck in your pants to avoid insects and over forest dwellers climbing up through your trousers.

Hiking Boots: Since the terrain can be both muddy and slippery, it’s very important you use waterproof and well gripped shoes for this excursion.

Rain Jacket: The habitats to mountain gorillas are tropical rain forested areas and therefore the rains tend to fall at any time of the day even in the said dry seasons; bringing a jacket along is very much saving.

Woolen Gloves: These are to help you ease grips during the hiking exercise to avoid hurting yourself and also falling. They also keep your hand swarm throughout the hike in case it rains.

Head band and Hair Ties: It’s good to have your hair held in one puff as it helps protect it from getting stingy.

Anti Malaria Pills: These need to be taken prior to your trip as a safety measure to protect yourself from contacting malaria since tropical rainforests are always associated with anopheles mosquitoes.

Insect Repellants: These are also important to protect you from various insect bites within the forests.

Toilet Papers: Much as it’s not acceptable using the jungle for such; it’s very important you bring this along just in case of anything you are prepared. Just saying.

Camera: Bring along a camera with less flash light and one with a portable battery; its waterproof bag in case of the rains etc.

Pair of Binoculars: These help you when sight seeing even distant creatures clearly.

Documentary: You need to bring along your passport and gorilla permit so as to avoid stressful moments on the eventful trekking day.

Currency: You need to bring along small domination for tipping your tour guide and also paying off the porters and buying small souvenirs around the park area.

Drinking Water: To keep you hydrated throughout the hike

Packed Lunch and Snacks: It’s also important to bring along some healthy snacks aie nuts and dried fruits as it’s hard at times to predict the actual time you are likely to spend on the hike.