Book customized Congo safaris  with Lets Go Tours Rwanda! We offer you tailormade Congo gorilla tours to Virunga National Park and also trips to trek eastern lowland gorillas in Kahuzi Biega National park. Given the fewer tourist arrival, safaris to the Democratic Republic of Congo offer visitors one of the most rewarding authentic African Adventures. Your Congo tours also entail mount Nyiragongo hiking experience. Previously, Congo safaris have been greatly  hindered by insecurities especially in Virunga National Park home for the endangered mountain gorillas. However, Lets Go Tours Rwanda confirms restored peace  in Congo which guarantee travelers safety on their Congo gorilla Safaris

Explore some of our featured Congo gorilla tours tailored to suit specifically for you! Feel free to contact us at

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3 Days Lowland Gorilla Tour

3 Days Low Land Gorilla Trek to Democratic Republic of Congo; we find both the lowland and mountain gorillas situated …

nyiragongo hike

3 Days Nyiragongo Hike Congo

3 Days Nyiragongo Volcano Hike Congo; Nyiragongo Mountain (3470m) is situated within the Vitrunga National Park bordered by Goma town …

visiting mountain gorillas

3 Days Virunga Gorilla Trek Congo

3 Days Congo gorilla trek taking visitors for gorilla watching in Virunga National Park in The Democratic Republic of Congo; …

gorilla trek africa

5 Days Gorilla Trek & Nyiragongo Hiking

The 5 Days Congo Gorillas & Nyiragongo hiking safari is an exceptional package to explore the beauty in the Democratic …

virunga safaris

7 Days Rwanda Congo Safari

Book a 7 Days Rwanda Congo safari  to explore the two countries with Lets Go Tours Rwanda.  The 7 Days …

Eastern Lowland gorillas

Kahuzi Biega National park

Located near Lake Kivu in the borders of Rwanda and the Democratic Republic of Congo, Kahuzi Biega National Park is …

Attarctions in Virunga National park

Virunga National Park Congo

Virunga National park is Congo’s popular park located in the Albertine Rift Valley in the Eastern Province of the Democratic …


Top Things to See & Do in Congo

Lets Go Tours Rwanda  takes you to explore the hidden gem in the Democratic Republic of Congo. The country is blessed with numerous magical attractions which you should not miss on your Africa safari. Among the top things to see and do in the Democratic Republic of Congo include:

Mountain Gorilla Trekking

Visit Congo mountain gorillas in Virunga National Park located in Eastern Congo.  Virunga Park was established in 1925 making it the oldest African Park worth visiting. 8 gorilla families have been habituated into this park and are open  to visitors. Gorilla groups in Virunga are Kabirizi, Lulengo, Humba, Mapuwa, Rugendo, Nyakamwe, Bageni and Bageni. Each family is visited by  a group of 8 travelers hence 64 gorilla permits available per day. Interestingly, a Congo gorilla trekking permit costs $450 compared to $1500 in Rwanda and $700 in Uganda. Congo is therefore a best gorilla safari destination for budget gorilla tours! Lets Go Tours Rwanda helps you to book Congo gorilla permits and arrange customized gorilla trekking packages to suit your budget and time. The 3 Days Virunga gorilla tour is the shortest package to trek Congo mountain gorillas

Mt Nyiragongo Hiking

Nyiagongo Volcano hiking is a not miss on your African safari to Congo. YES, don not miss to climb up to the summit of the active volcano whose peak shelters the world’s largest lava lake.  The 3 Days Nyiragongo hike is the best package for this experience.  You will spend a night on the slopes of the volcano to witness the glowing lava clearly seen at night. Travelers intending to hike Nyiragongo Volcano are advise to be be physically fit and mental ready to deal with this strenuous adventure. Also, remember to carry warm jackets and sweaters for cold nights at the summit of the Volcano

Eastern Lowland Gorilla Trekking

Visit Kahuzi Biega National Park to meet up with the endangered eastern lowland gorillas in the jungle.  These primates roam on the slopes of the two dormant  hills of Kahuzi and Biega after which the national Park was named. Lowland gorillas are the largest gorilla specie in the wild worth visiting! Book our  3 Days Eastern Lowland gorilla trek  to enjoy this lifetime experience with Lets Go Rwanda Tours.