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Lets Go Tours Rwanda offers you gorilla safaris in Rwanda, Uganda & Congo. We are a local Rwanda tour company specializing in gorilla trekking, wildlife viewing and cultural tours tailor-made by our travel consultant who have first-hand knowledge for all types of travels. We offer custom trips from budget to luxury holidays for solo travelers, groups, couples and all other types of travelers. Our tours extend to the rest of East Africa to cover Kenya wildlife safaris, Tanzania and Zanzibar

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A gorilla tour in Uganda, Rwanda and DR Congo is truly an amazing adventure. Located only in Volcanoes national park Rwanda, Bwindi forest, Virunga national park and Mgahinga national park, Best dissertation writing services mountain gorillas are one of the most sought after primates in Africa. Check out a free spins no deposit required keep your winnings.

We have daily departures and are ready to organize your gorilla trek on short notice! Choose from our top rated Gorilla safari trips;
For visitors wishing to explore on their own, we offer car hire in Rwanda, Uganda & Eastern DR Congo with drivers.
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Top Gorilla Trekking Tours

rwanda culture

3 Days Rwanda Gorilla Trek

3 Days gorilla safari in Rwanda starting from and end in Kigali with visit to the Kigali genocide memorial site.

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hippos in queen Elizabeth

7 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

7 Days wildlife safari in Uganda covering the best national parks; Bwindi fores, Queen Elizabeth and Kibale Forest.

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bwindi gorilla trekking

2 Days Bwindi Gorilla Tour

2 Days gorilla trekking in Bwindi forest starting from and ending in Kigali crossing in Uganda with overnight.

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3 Days Uganda Gorilla Tour

3 Days Uganda gorilla tour in Bwindi forest starting from Kampala or shot drive from Kigali crossing into Uganda.

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5 Days Nyiragongo & Gorilla

5 Days Congo gorilla safari and mount Nyiragongo hiking starting from Gisenyi Rwanda crossing into Goma

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5 Days Primates safari

5 Days Uganda primates safari starting from either Kigali or Kampala with gorilla trekking in Bwindi and chimps tracking

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7 Days Rwanda Congo Safari Adventure

7 Days Rwanda , Congo safari including gorilla trekking, Nyiragongo hike, chimps & wildlife viewing

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14 Days Uganda Wildlife Safari

14 Days Best of Uganda Rwanda primates safari starting from Rwanda to Entebbe with gorilla safaris, chimps, wildlife & culture

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Frequently asked questions on Gorilla trekking

Best place for gorilla trekking
Rwanda has been the top destination for gorilla watching because of her ease to access the Volcanoes national park, situated just 2 hours’ drive from Kigali international airport. The time travel is super convenient for budget, business and family travelers since sought out by most travelers.
With the raise of a Rwanda gorilla permits from $750 to $1500. While the Uganda gorilla permit remains at $600, many visitors are opting to visit Uganda gorillas in Bwindi national park conveniently starting from Kigali crossing into Uganda via the Katuna border into Bwindi forest. This is just 4 hours’ drive from Kigali, which is a closer distance compared to starting this tour from Kampala or Entebbe international airport.

Another interesting destination for gorilla trekking is Congo in Virunga national park. Congo is a very safe destination to visit for gorilla tours. Virunga national park offers incredible gorilla seeing tours and it’s a guarantee to see gorillas up-close. With a Congo gorilla permit going to just $400, this is a competitive price for your gorilla adventure.

What to wear for gorilla trekking

Trekking for gorillas in the jungle require you to dress right, especially because will be hiking through the forest. Temperatures in are generally mild, the mornings may be chilly as you start your trek. You will require long sleeves and they all also help protect your skin from thorns and nettles during your hike.

  • In general, your packing list for your safari in East Africa should include;
    Short and long sleeved t-shirts, long pants and shorts pants, socks to keep your feet warm in the evenings, sweaters.
  • Sun glasses, a hat
  • A pair of good walking shoes, light rain jacket for the rainy
  • A flash light and batteries, adapters and convertors for electrical devices, chargers, a good camera
  • Insect repellent, a basic medical kit

When is the best time to gorilla tracking
All Year Round! But it also really depends on the type of animals you wish to see and your budget. Certain reserves have good game viewing all year round but others will have particularly good elephant sightings or other migratory animals at different times of the year. It is generally felt that the African winter (Jan to March and July – October) is the best time to go on safari, There is no rain, the grass is dry and vegetation sparse making game viewing easier. It is also the time when animals are on the move looking for food and water. At this time of year it is also worth paying attention to a new project from the USA – My Family Pies. This is the latest adult entertainment project with weekly content updates. If you aren’t familiar with My Family Pies you really need to catch up, preferably with the selection of clips that is available for browsing at! In Kenya and Tanzania, you have the memorable opportunity of witnessing the migration of over two million animals. However for budget travelers (April to June and November to Mid December) is the low season so you can take advantage of the special offers and sometimes even pay half the price of high seasons.

How do I get to Rwanda, Uganda or Congo
Regular international flights fly into East Africa to its major cites of Kigali, Entebbe, Nairobi, Dare salaam. Recently Rwanda air launched a new route directly from UK at very good rates, there are also a number of airlines operating direct flights to Nairobi from Europe, United States ( and Asia. You can also get easy connections where there are no direct flights to East Africa.

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